Thank you so much for writing to your Sponsor Child!

This means a lot to them. Many of these children lack strong relationships with their family and the adults in their community. They desire to know that they are special and that someone truly cares for them.

We believe that it is key for you to know about your sponsored child’s life, therefore, writing these letters is a great opportunity for you to ask them open-ended questions about all the things you would like to learn about them.

Follow these simple steps to write to your child:


Download the template that you like best!


Hope in the Dark Children


Print, and write on your letter template.


Hope in the Dark Children


Send the letter to us via:
a. Mail: 2607 41 St SE, Calgary, AB., Canada, T2B 1C9
b. Email: Scan and send as an attachment to contact@hopeinthedark.ca

Alternatively, you can also type your letter directly into your computer by sending an email to contact@hopeinthedark.ca with the subject “Letter to (your sponsored child’s name)”.

Template 1 Template 2 Template 3

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Do you need some ideas about what to write?

Check out the info under the tabs below where you can find some useful and important tips!

What to write:

• This is a great opportunity for you to re-affirm the gospel and let them know that other people are thinking of them!

• Your name, age, occupation, who you live with, plans for the short and long-term future, favourite food, pets, colors, your testimony, hobbies, highlights of the season in which you are writing the letter, describe the place you live in or grew up in, describe each member of your family, how you deal with frustrating situations at home, work or school, why it is important to go to church and your involvement in the church, etc.

The best tone to use:

• Be warm and friendly, while staying away from writing about your material possessions, always focusing on the relationship!

• Give encouragement by asking questions that will return answers that allow you to compliment their achievements, skills and talents while encouraging them to make progress in school and their relationships at the center and with their families.

• Make this a fun letter to read with funny stories!

What to ask:

• Ask open-ended questions about your sponsored child’s thoughts.

• Remember, this is an opportunity to set an example and perhaps be a role model in the life of your child.

Can I send a gift?

Unfortunately, there is a significant likelihood for lost mail when shipping to Colombia; therefore, we suggest that you contact us directly to discuss the options if you would like to send a special gift to your sponsored child.

Important Info

What about social media exchanges?

At Hope in the Dark, we desire to protect and ensure the well-being of all the children at our center. We desire to do everything in our power to protect these children from exploitation and abuse. Although we trust that our sponsors have the same goals in mind, we have set into effect a policy regarding social media contact with sponsored children from Hope in the Dark. These children are curious about their sponsors and feel a deep connection to the people who are supporting them, writing to them and praying for them.

Your sponsored child may try to find you through social media. Please do not accept their requests. Technology has made great advancements, and even in the poorest areas of the world cellphone use and Facebook are used by most people. There are several risks in contacting your sponsored child on Facebook or Whatsapp. We require that sponsors communicate with their sponsored children through Hope in the Dark only. There are several reasons that this is important. By being able to regulate the content of communication between sponsor and child, Hope in the Dark is able to ensure safety of the child and sponsor as well as monitor for any cultural sensitivities or inappropriate content.

Because these children are living in very vulnerable situations, there is always a risk of exploitation. The person who created the Facebook profile may not be the child, or may be using the child to ask for funds from sponsors. Due to this reason and many others, we encourage sponsors to communicate with their children only through the avenues provided by Hope in the Dark.