Sponsor a Child

For $50/month you can sponsor a vulnerable child and give them hope in the darkness that surrounds them.

Sponsor a child through Hope in the Dark

How it Works

Hope in the Dark’s sponsorship program seeks to bring the message of hope to children in vulnerable conditions in order for their lives to be changed. The children are given necessary help and support so they can become responsible members of society. A very important part of the sponsorship program is the role that the sponsors can play in the lives of their sponsored children.

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Sponsorship can be much more than giving money. Sponsors can have a huge impact in the lives of these children. Sponsors are encouraged to become role models by providing encouragement and support to them through the exchange of letters and pictures, and if possible, a visit. We encourage sponsors to build meaningful relationships with their sponsored children and get involved in their lives.

Your monthly contribution ensures that your sponsored child receives:

  • A daily nutritious meal
  • Homework assistance and tutoring
  • Bible courses once a week and daily devotionals
  • After-school programs such as music, arts, sports, games, etc.
  • School enrolment for children not already in school

An additional aspect of the sponsorship program is that donors are also helping the parents of their sponsored children; which in the majority of cases are single mothers. Hope in the Dark works with the parents through the following ways:

  • Counselling
  • Bible teaching
  • Vocational training to interested parents.

Hope in the Dark strives to offer assistance with food, clothing and urgent needs on a case-by-case basis. It is important to note that children who are not sponsored receive no less support from Hope in the Dark than children who are sponsored.

Jesus as the Main Foundation

Hope in the Dark does not discriminate against any of the children in our program based on their faith or belief. Children in the program are never forced to become Christians, neither are they required to become a Christian to enroll. However, Hope in the Dark holds the Bible as the standard of truth and we believe that only through Jesus Christ can a person be set completely free. Because this is one of our core beliefs, we teach the Bible and provide Biblical counselling to the children and their parents.

Stay tuned for an update about our child sponsorship program coming soon!